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Album "Voices of Spring"















The name of a melody and the composer



Choral Preludium (J.S.Bach) 


1.4 MB

Scherzo (J.S.Bach)  mp3 0.6 MB
Carnival in Venice (Frossini)" mp3 1.7 MB
Meditango (A.Piazzolla)  mp3 2.4 MB
Voices of Spring (J.Strauss)  mp3 2.1 MB
Rondo-Capriccioso (V.Solotariov) mp3 1.6 MB
Vokalize (S.Rachmaninov)  mp3 1.2 MB
Green Sleeves (Anonym)  mp3 1.2 MB
La Valse a Margoux (G.Galliano) mp3 1.5 MB
Little Russian Fantasy(V.Chernikov)  mp3 1.8 MB
Merry-go-round (A.Fossen)  mp3 0.8 MB
Showball-tree Fantasy (I.Panizkij) mp3 1.2 MB
The moon is Shining (Russian folk song)  mp3 1.7 MB
Korobeiniki (Russian folk song)  mp3 1.6 MB
Meadow Ducks (Russian folk song)  mp3 1.6 MB




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