Moscow Duo. Biographies.

Aleksandr Ushakov

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was born in a suburb of Moscow. At a very young age he started playing the violin, but at the age of 6 he replaced the violin with the bayan. In 1989 he graduated from the music school and entered the music college - in the town of Elektrostal nearby Moscow. After graduating from the college in 1993 he entered at the Gnesins`s Academy as a pupil of Professor Friedrich Lips. Aleksandr graduated form the Academy in May 1999. Aleksandr Ushakov regularly participated in international festivals and contests in Russia as well as abroad. Besides his engagement in the dou Aleksandr teaches at music college and music schools.     



Evgenij Grechov

Pic00019.jpg (57391 bytes)was born in 1969 in the town of Tsheljabinsk at the Ural Mountains. he began his musical career when he was 7 years old, and at an age of 13 he graduated from the school of music in Tsheljabinsk. 15 years old he went to Moscow to continue his musical education at the Gnesin`s College. After four years educations he finished college and subsequently began his studies at the Gnesin`s Academy as a pupil of Professor Friedrich Lips. Evgenij Grechov graduated from the Academy in 1996. In addition to his engagement in the Moscow Duo he is now working as a music teacher at one of the many music schools for children in Moscow. Evgenij Grechov has previously played as a soloist in Germany, United States and Denmark and has also participated in numerous contests and festivals.


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